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We offer you automatic capacity stud welder with special tools ready to weld insulation pins. Especially designed for pins for fire retardant insulation...
We offer following machine range from the one ond only TRUMPF:   SC - dead end cutter for burr free cuts  TC - cut-out countour nibbler...
We can test installed ductwork for the leakage according to the given standards. Along with the test, we make basic checks of the suspensions, joints...
We can measure and obtain for you real airflow on any supply / exhaust elements like valves, grids, swirl diffusers etc. Thanks to the extensive range...
We can make the proper air tightness testing for any given product according to the standards.
We can measure and process pressure drop of the complete ductworks or single items.
We offer you rental of extensive range measuring device. With our machines you can do your own on-site measurements in volumetrics, airflow, pressure...

Poděbradská 56/186
198 00 Praha 9

tel: +420 284 683 534
gsm: +420 606 839 673
fax: +420 284 683 144
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