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Talířové ventily, výustky, krbové mřížky, draly, velkoplošné výustě
General metal valves for air supply and exhaust.
General plastic valve. Thansk to the central disc construction, this valve can be used so for supply as exhaust. Lightweight but durable. Comes as...
This nice weather grille is made from extruded aluminium profiles.
Rain proof external grille made of rolled profiles of zinc sheet. Designed as universal for intake and exhaust. This louvre can be fixed by means of visible...
Cost-effective aluminium louvre
Standard connection chamber for installation with square diffusers.
This swirl diffuser with adjustable pattern is suitable for supply and exhaust of heated or cooled air in the public buildings like workshops, shopping...
Round diffuser for really large air volume supply.
Square diffuser for supply and exhaust.
This grille is installed to the spiral duct wall and used so for exhaust as supply. Made of galvanized sheet steel, there is no need of additional surface...
Small plastic gravity louvre. Blades are closed when no air is blown. Available in limited sizes. 
Adjustable round swirl diffuser.
This pressure (gravity) damper is used as terminal element for any exhaust ductwork. It prevents backdrought and rain penetration into the duct system...
This grille is the most versatile cover for any openings. It is widely used for covering duct inlets, large openings, duct open ends.  Grille...
Stamped metal grille for small airflow. Free passage 75%, blades angle 20° Powder coated, RAL 9010.
Connecting box for round and square diffusers.


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