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Výkonné radiální ventilátory, nástěnné odtahové ventilátory, podomítkové ventilátory.

Pokud nevíte jaký ventilátor zvolit, využijte náš konfigurátor!
Lineo (manufactured by Vortice, IT) is fan with plastic housing and diagonal impeller. This fan is installed directly to the ductwork. Motor housing can...
Small bathroom exhaust fan M1 is the cutting edge product. It comes as two-speed in standard, incl. silicone butterfly damper (detachable). Thanks to...
Galvanzied butterfly damper to be installed in the round ducting. This damper prevents backdrought in the ductwork. Inner sponge seal ensures silent operation...
Small plastic gravity louvre. Blades are closed when no air is blown. Available in limited sizes. 

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